"I became aware of this product through a magazine I was reading and decided to purchase some for a trial run. I have had problems with dandruff due to postpartum hormonal abnormality and have tried a whole range of products with very poor results in the past. I wasn't all that hopeful about ACTI's product either but decided to give it a chance as the main ingredients were made from traditional Chinese medicines. I like the fact that it meant it was safe for my baby too during bathtime. The shampoo does not have a strong odour and is not smelly. I love using the shampoo and the conditioner very much."

Ms R

"My hairdresser was full of praise as my hair and scalp was in such good condition and so clean after using ACTI shampoo several times prior to my visit. I wash my hair daily with this shampoo and cannot thank the company enough for producing such a great product. I intend to use it regularly."

Ms T.S

"Working in the medical profession, I have purchased the tonic "R" because of its commitment to the ingredients. From the very first time of application, I noticed the difference of the quality and strength of my hair. ACTI also showed signs of reducing hair loss, a reduction in scalp irritation and odour. I have been using ACTI now for 6 months, and my hair has gotten so thick that you cannot see my scalp anymore. Thank you very much ACTI. I'm a regular user."

Ms M.H

img stc="People who suffer from hair loss have to not only deal with the physical aspect of its effects, but go through emotional suffering as well. It is often a very traumatic process as they look for ways to either hide their condition or search desperately for ways to cure it.

I have dedicated a lot of my research to understand the science behind hair re-growth and look for successful solutions. It is why I established the hair clinic and its high quality services. My philosophy is not to make the largest profit or expand my services, but to ensure the very best care of patients and their desire to get their hair back.

Keeping our motto in mind "What people leave behind is not what they have collected but what they have contributed" filters through our daily tasks in dedicating our work to those in need.